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Graduation (Pt.1)

"Sunday Mail"
 CD- Styrofoam Archives
Música e Letras de Spectator Pump
Tocado por Spectator Pump 
Faith está escutando essa canção em seu apartamento quando 
Buffy entra e desliga o som. 

He said he likes it
Hear the heels click clack
He likes it he likes it
He's so right
Left out of it, left in tune
And I strum strum strum
Your song breaks in two
Sunday like every day
I'm waiting for the mailman
And I hum hum hum
It's a song that breaks in, breaks in two 
When you see through, all this couldn't you
Close your eyes closed
On the rise come to my surprise 
See you all looking like that
Come on over here, sit on my lap
He feels guilty, a little guilty by he likes it, he likes it
postcard like guitar
I rise like, a red lipstick
And I run run run
He's so far away
Sunday like every day
And I run run run
I'm waiting for the mail man
It's a song that breaks in two