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"Virgin State of Mind"
CD- Não Lançado 
Tocado por k’s Choice 
Quando a Willow do universo paralelo vai para o Bronze,
 k's Choice está tocando essa canção no palco.

theres a chair in my head
on which i use to sit
took a pencil and i wrote the following on ear
now theres a key where my wonderful mouth used to be
dig it up and throw it at me
dig it up and throw it at me
where can i run to
where can i hide
who will i turn to
now im in the virgin state of mind
got a knife with a glistening edge
void that i cant fill
cut out words i've got written on my chair
like, do you think im sexy
and do you think i really care

"Priced 2 Move"
CD-Styrofoam Archives
Música e Letras por Spectator Pump
Tocado por Spectator Pump 
Essa canção toca no fundo no Bronze. 

she said catch it, like a ball
it'll make you stutter boy
through your drawl 
I've got a smile, but it's not mine
I've got a smile, work hard for it
I've got curves, that creep like a vine, I've got curves
around you, around you
I've got it, stuck in a place that you'll never find 
she said drop it, like a ball
and tai wanna
loose your drawl
she makes her hint with cathode rays, when she takes a hit
she makes her hint with cathode rays
his finger prints ripped off the page --
tai wanna